Useful tips for taking care of your Favourite Designer silk saree

Every Indian woman loves her sarees. Be it any occasion before or after her own wedding, designer silk saree is the most chosen outfit for her to wear. It can make her look attractive at a party as well as elegant at a wedding function. Well, ladies, nothing comes without a little effort. Maintaining your chosen sarees and protecting their color and texture requires care.

Every six months, take them out of your closet and let them stay in mild sunlight for at least two to three hours. And then, put them back. This would maintain their color and shine. This also prevents any fungal attack or odor that the fabric might have picked up. While keeping them back, do not forget to change the saree fold. This will prevent zari breakage and unwanted creasing of the fabric.

Do not hang your designer silk sarees on metal hangers. They are best stored in a cool and dry place, folded and covered in a soft cotton cloth or bag separately. This is particularly important for silk sarees. Silica gel can be used for preventing fungal growth on your silk sarees.

Designer Chanderi Silk

To get back the lost shine of a silk saree, wash in one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar mixed in one-gallon water. Make sure you rinse off the vinegar properly, so as to not damage the fabric.

For sarees with heavy embroidery or embellishments, make sure you fold them with the work-side inside to prevent any tear. Also, never put them on hangers, as it may cause the heavy embroidery to stretch and tear the fabric.

If you stain your saree, wash it with running cold water. You may use mild body soap on it if it is necessary. In case the stain is oily, use talcum powder to dry the stain first before you wash it.

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Take special care while ironing the designer sarees, particularly the ones with the silk and zari embroidery. Keep a soft cotton cloth on top of the material and then iron the saree for additional precaution.

Restrain from washing your expensive sarees frequently. In case you are washing them for the first time then soak it in the saltwater and then wash it. This helps the color to stay longer. Use soap only for the later washes. Do not squeeze the fabric to take out the excess water. Let it air dry. Wash each saree separately and in different tubs. Silk saree and zari embroidery sarees are best to be dry-cleaned.

The better you take care of your saree, the longer it will be with you. And, now that you know the best ways to take care of them too, make sure your valuable possessions stay with you forever!

Fancy Silk Saree

Whatever the fabric may be whether it banarasi, kanjeevaram, chanderi, muslin, etc. you need to keep in mind that the saree needs a specific kind of care. Just folding it and keeping it away won't work out well. So to maintain the designer silk sarees you buy from the online store of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, you must follow specific tips that will help you to stretch out the longevity of your favorite attire.