For every Indian woman, a Saree is an outfit that can make her perfectly ready for all occasions. She can choose to flaunt it at a wedding or party as well as on a date. Handloom sarees such as Tussar, Kanchipuram, Ikkat, Patola, South Indian silks are the crown jewel of Indian ethnic wear. They are often related to the family heritage and both a heavy financial and emotional connection. However, there are certain types of handloom saree that you can wear to almost all occasions. Nowadays celebrities are seen wearing handloom sarees to events like the Cannes film festival. You too can flaunt such an unparrallel style by an innovative draping method. But, wearing a saree is a bit complicated. So, you just need to know the correct saree wearing method to perfectly show off your charm infront of a crowd.

One of the most recognizable saree draping styles for Handloom saree is the Bengali style. Unlike the modern-day saree, this style of draping a saree has no pleats. It is wrapped around the waist, brought to the right side from the back and the pallu is thrown over the left shoulder. Traditionally a bunch of keys attach to the pallu that falls over the shoulder. Not only it is great for a saree with rich border but is also a great draping style if you really want to flaunt your backless blouse and get attention.

Kappulu style is undoubtedly very elegant, generally worn by older women. This style apparently flatters a woman’s curves and if longer the saree, the better it looks. Interestingly, unlike other forms of saree, this saree is wrapped from the left to right. It has two stands out features — one is the narrow pleats at the backside which flatter the form and second is the two cascades of cloth created by twisting the end piece twice around the body. The pallu is thrown over the right shoulder and can leave it loose or be pulled to cover both the shoulders or wrapped around the neck as per your convenience.

Seen on most Bollywood movies today, Butterfly saree style is a non-bulky and modern take on saree draping method. Just pleat the top part of your pallu into a thin column after creating a fan-like, butterfly shape at the lower part of the pallu, and you're all set. Another variation of this involves pleating the pallu into a single column, which goes across the torso.

The Backside pleated drape is something that catches our attention instantly as it has an interesting twist with the pleats itself. Rather than tucking the pleats at the front, the pleats are neatly tucked at the backside for an iconic look to grab a lot of eyeballs.

Double drape style is a blend of traditional and modern which create a slimmer look. The process involves that the saree is draped for two times. After wrapping the saree around and fixing the pleats, the saree is wrapped again, around the midriff tightly. Then the pallu is then thrown over the right shoulder. This is a trendy way to style your saree and is a great alternative to the traditional single saree drape.

Nivi Style is the most common style of draping not only seen in India but in the world over. The point of origin of this style statement has been traced back to Andhra Pradesh, India. This style was mostly worn by the women for aristocracy and dignity. Though not very work friendly, this style accentuates a woman’s curves in the best way and looks her majestic. Most modern-day saree styles are actually modifications of the Nivi style. A mix of both traditional and modern, the Nivi style saree is most widely accepted without any doubt.

Other than the above-mentioned designer drapes, few traditional sari draping styles which are still popular in India is the Lehenga style of wearing a saree, the Marathi style, the Gujarati style of saree draping and the eternally famous Bollywood-inspired Mumtaz style of saree drape.

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