The present generation of women prefer fancy sarees which will look trendy as well as fashionable. Another important factor is that everybody of the new generation would like to look slim with whatever attire they select for themselves. Sarees are chosen by them because it brings a slim look if draped in a proper manner.

There are so many types of sarees in fashion now amongst which I will try to mention some in a limited scope of this particular blog. My friend I would like to give you a brief idea of what sarees in fashion these days amongst these ladies.

Banarasi and kanjivaram sarees are always welcome for ladies of all age and for all types of celebrations. Whenever we will discuss about sarees, these two types will always remain on the top of the list. Here we will talk about some other types of sarees which are very popular amongst the present generation.

Chiffon sarees are all time hit for the young fashionistas of our country . They are very lightweight having lovely colors and prints which is appreciated by everybody all along. These sarees are with both embroidery and prints of lovely designs and colors that suit all the wearer for all occasions. At times they are of just a zari borders which brings a real elegant look for the person who drapes them. Georgette sarees are forever there as a choice of all women irrespective of ages and occasions. They are also of light materials which has made them very much user-friendly. They are at times printed and at times embroidered with floral designs. These are excellent party wear selected by most sophisticated ladies of current time.


Handloom sarees are ruling over the Indian saree fields for a long time. Different states, Like West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujrat have their own handloom sarees which are very ethnic as well as unique in their own quality and look. Colors are vibrant for these handloom sarees. Some of them are very comfortable for daily use and some look lovely when worn in a party.


Linen sarees are very much in fashion for the younger generation of these days. They bring a cooling effect which makes the wearer feel very comfortable. Variety of linen sarees are available in showrooms and boutiques which draw the attention of any buyer having intention of making a good collection


Indian silk sarees are famous for their charishma in domestic as well as International market. Bangalore silk, Mysore silk, Kosha silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Pashmina silk, Baluchari silk, Assam silk, Katki silk and other innumerable silk sarees are there in our country which is sold throughout year irrespective of occasions.

Present craze of tussar sarees cannot be ignored as this sarees are taking a grand entry to our saree market. Tussar sarees are with prints, zaree borders and kantha embroidery available in all boutiques and showroom everywhere. Tussar banarasi is also very popular item these days which is worn by ladies when they go for parties.

Fashion rotates in a cycle. What is fashion for today may not remain the same for the future. Fashion has its own ups and downs which are reflected in the demand of market choice. But as of now, some of the sarees which are very much in fashion are mentioned in this post.