Why Casual Saree is more preferable than a fancy Designer Saree

No matter, if sarees are designer or plain, they just do wonder. Besides, if we talk about the difference between designer sarees and casual sarees, then, there are lots of points that make them both different from each other. There is so much difference between casual saree and designer saree. Generally, people match these two with price but it is actually not like that. Sometimes, casual saree also costs more than a designer because of their expensive material. Like pure silk saree is not designer but costlier because of their silk material used in it .In designer saree we make something new to it by adding something more to casual saree, like, some more embroidery, some heavy sequin work, handwork, patches, borders, some elegant prints etc. Generally, designer pieces are exclusively made by any designer for special occasion or person, whereas casual saree you can see as duplicate.

A designer saree and a casual saree differ a lot from each other. Mostly, the appearance of a designer saree is entirely different. It looks unique and sometimes may not even look like a saree as we usually know. Most of the time, a designer saree has a really stylish blouse or the saree itself is full of embroidery and zari work. The material is also rich. Designer sarees may be costing high due to their one kind of design in blouse and the saree itself. It will surely not be out of context to mention that Bollywood celebrities mostly wear designer sarees.

A casual saree, on the other hand, is a simple three-piece apparel with a blouse, a petticoat, and draped cloth. It may or may not be of much fancy. If it has a bit of a work, which is again simple (maybe a heavy border or so), then it can be worn at the different event or festive occasions at which you are just an attendee. A plain normal saree has the usual kinds of patterns and designs and is commonly worn as daily wear by women. Their prices are necessarily cheaper than designer sarees but appreciated by all if worn properly for the right occasion.

Chanderi Silk Saree

You can even wear casual saree at your office and housewives prefer wearing it due to its lightweight fabric. You can even choose printed sarees that will look great on almost everyone. These printed sarees are made using good quality fabrics like georgette, chiffon, silk, etc and you can try with different patterns such as floral prints, digital prints, abstract prints & many other latest designs. Instead of having more embellishments you can go with these floral prints that will surely do the justice with the dress. These casual sarees are really lightweight in comparison with designer sarees because these sarees do not have very heavy embroidery work and are made of really soft fabrics.

Bollywood celebs can be seen wearing the latest Bollywood designer saree at red carpets, parties and even movies. People love to follow their favorite stars and wear the same dress worn by them in movies. Designers keep experimenting with the different styles and fabrics and try most sincerely to bring something new every time. With beautiful blouse designs like halter neck blouse, boat neck style blouse and many more, and you need to choose the right style to match it with your whole attire.

Applic Cotton Saree

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