Why chanderi silk occupies a special place in every women's heart?

A saree is an attire that can never go outdated. It looks amazing on any woman and is liked by all ages. There is special sophistication attached to this wear and that is the reason all over the country like it so much. There are multiple varieties of sarees available in India.

The craft of weaving Chanderi has been practiced in families by generations. This has created a long legacy of skilled and experienced weavers whose craft cannot be replaced by power loom versions, and hence should be honored for its artistic brilliance. Chanderi silk is one of the sparkling jewels of India’s textile industry and it goes without saying that it occupies a special place in our hearts like no other.

Semi Katan Chanderi

Conventionally, Chanderi silk sarees came in a white cotton saree gradually extended to gold, a broad-banded gold embellished silk saree, a chequered worked silk saree, a white silver silk Chanderi, a yellow little-chequered silk Chanderi saree, and a gold chequered silk Chanderi saree. Today, the three common traditional materials used to sew a Chanderi saree occurs classic silk, Chanderi silk, and Cotton. One can even search for Fabric Importers in Kolkata as well for the recent trends of Chanderi silk sarees in the fashion world.

Most suitable for the Indian weather, Chanderi silk saree is lightweight and wearer-friendly. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, beautiful borders and gorgeously designed ‘pallus’. These sarees give a soft touch against your skin and are airy to make you feel comfortable in Indian summers. They can be worn for casual as well as special occasions. Giving you a luxurious experience, the Chanderi silk saree adds to your glamour, along with adding the traditional touch.

Chanderi silk sarees got its name from a small place in Madhya Pradesh named Chanderi. Chanderi is a small town in the high dry hills of Northcentral Madhya Pradesh. It has been famous for its handlooms since the tenure of the Scindia royal family. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh is made in silk reflects the patterns found in temples in Chanderi. Chanderi fabric is one of the most preferred fabrics that is suitable for summers as well as winters. In fact, Madhya Pradesh is known for its interesting architectural beauty as well as the finely woven Chanderi silk sarees. Chanderi sarees from Madhya Pradesh are the most popular ones, simply because the township of Chanderi is the hub where these beautiful Indian sarees are crafted. Our collection of Chanderi saree online is beautified with checkered patterns and small floral or paisley motifs. Intricately woven rich golden zari border and double lines of golden zari patterns on the pallu makes silk Chanderi sarees different from the rest of the lot.

Chanderi Silk Saree

The butis are exclusively handwoven on the handloom and are often coated with gold, silver or copper dust. Genuine Chanderi sarees will always be available in soft hues. The glossy texture and shine differentiate authentically Chanderi saree from the fake ones. A handwoven Chanderi will always have an uneven surface. These hand spun motifs make the chanderi stand out as machine-spun weaves easily come out over time.

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Chanderi Semi Katan Silk

Today, Chanderi is one of the several protected works in the country. Not apart from the house, but famous designers, fashion homes and Bollywood actors recommend this beautiful silk saree intermittently. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal is one such online store for all women's ethnic wear fabrics at pocket-friendly rates.

Lightweight and fine, yet regal and opulent, Chanderi silk saree has crowned itself as the princess of handloom weaves. Whether in its airy cotton avatar or the crisp silk notes, Chanderi brings with a sense of calm and at the same time boosts your confidence with it. So it is not at all a wonder that chanderi silk saree occupies a special place in every women's heart.