If we are to find out the roots of cotton sarees we have to look up to the historical facts of Indus Valley Civilization. Cotton saree is one of the oldest Indian attire where Indian women used during the days of Indus Valley Civilization. In Indian climatic condition wherein most of the places temperature remains 30 degrees and above all along the year, demand for cotton saree is naturally very high. In fact shopping of Indian women these days remains incomplete if cotton sarees are not picked up for collection.

Handloom Cotton

The styling of cotton sarees are different for different type of saree. Pachampally cotton saree of Telengana has got block colors and designs on them. As per the color and combination of these sarees one can wear a blouse of complimentary shade. Embroidered blouse should be avoided to be more focused on the saree itself. Silver jewellery would look decent with this type of fabric. Tangail saree of Bengal has a wide range of color matching of blouse with the inner part of the saree looks better than matching it with saree border. Light gold ornaments match very well with this sarees. Sling bag and slippers of contrasting colors will add more grace to the saree. Andhra Pradesh weaves Mangalgiri cotton saree which is very simple with a touch of zaree work on its pallu and border. Matching colored blouse with a thin line of zaree work on its sleeves will give real unique look for Mangalgiri sarees. Jewellery if worn should be of gold to accompany the zaree work on the fabric. As an evening wear benarasi cotton sarees are perfect pick. These are of vibrant colors suiting all age and personality. Designer blouse goes very well with this type of saree. Jhumka of golden polish would look extremely beautiful with benarasi cotton saree. Again there are Ikkat sarees which are the product of Sambalpur that is in a part of Odisha . These are hand woven saree of cotton material that is thick in texture. Because of its thickness it can be draped very nicely which will always give a decent look to the wearer. This saree is simple in look and a short sleeve blouse will establish a new style for the saree as it is worn by someone. Indian women have an unputdownable attraction for handloom sarees. Hand woven ethnic beauty of handloom saree can never be produced by other fabrics of mill. Artisan of different parts of India exhibit native art through their expertise on handloom sarees. There are both cotton and silk handloom sarees such as pure silk sarees, handloom pure cotton sarees, Benarasi handloom sarees, Chanderi handloom sarees, Jamdani Handloom saree, Khaddi Handloom saree, Kota handloom saree, and Taant Handloom sarees. If anybody thinks off wearing a saree of casual occasion Cotton handloom saree can be draped. For example a Taant handloom saree of pink and sky-blue combination would look excellent as a casual wear. If it is for a formal party then one can try some pure silk handloom sarees. Suggestively a saree of bottle green color with thin zaree border will look gorgeous on somebody in a party in the middle of a big crowd. One may wear Jamdani silk handloom saree again as party wear. Though it is a bit expensive this is for sure that it will make the wearer a center of attraction in a party. Handloom sarees whether cotton or silk always looks exclusive for all types of occasions. In India either for self-use or for gifting purpose handloom sarees are always topping the list always.

Ikkat Cotton

Shopping sarees is not an easy job. It takes experience and aesthetic sense to make the right selection. Many factors should be taken into consideration before selecting a saree for one’s wardrobe. Cotton and handloom sarees have the variety to suit all occasions and all types of complexion, figures, and personality. For an amateurish wearer, this sarees may be draped with help of safety pin and it will never open up to embarrass the user. They are not slippery like Chiffon or other synthetic fabric which is an important factor in case of maintaining the dignity of the women. Once it is worn it will remain uninterrupted for very long hours. To ensure the comfort factor while buying a saree goes over and above every other precondition. In our country cotton handloom saree is ideal for wearing during warmer days in a year. This sarees can be lightly starched to make nice pleats to keep the saree in the proper place when worn. Cotton saree is the best option for the buyer because rich heritage of India is blended into it and it will never run out of fashion. Contrarily, the style may be reinvented very uniquely time to time depending on its trend. These are reasons why shopping of cotton and handloom sarees always remain unparalleled for ever in the history of Indian women’s attire.