Why Red & White Benarasi Sarees Are Appealing and Most Demanding for Durga Puja?

Durga puja is a festival that celebrates the victory of goodness over evil. It is the biggest and most important festival of Bengali people, worshipping Goddess Durga. It is celebrated, almost, all over India and also known as ‘Navratri’ in some parts. People of all ages actively take part in the celebration of Durga puja.

Preparations for Durga puja starts from a month or two ahead. A fun and interesting part during this time is the buying of new clothes. Durga puja is that time of the year when everyone buys new clothes for themselves. Specially for the women, Durga puja means buying ethnic wears. It is during this period of Durga puja, that women mostly wear sarees and show their traditional side. A very common yet appealing outfit of women for the occasion of Durga puja is a red and white benarasi saree. It is the most demanded saree during the time Durga puja.

Durga Puja Special Red and White Benarasi

Benarasi Saree

Hands down, benarasi sarees, of any colour combination, are prize possession of Bengali women. They take immense pride in wearing or even owning a benarasi saree. These sarees are one of the most traditional sarees as they have been around for many years. The origin of benarasi sarees can be dated back to the Mughal empire. Mostly produced in the holy city of Benaras, Benarasi sarees are a bit heavy in texture due to their beautiful embroidery works which also give them immense elegance and richness. Benarasi sarees are truly beautiful which makes them perfect for any kind of occasion and festival. However, during the time of Durga puja, benarasi saree of a particular colour combination is very essential and becomes a huge demand among the women. It is the red and white coloured benarasi saree.

Durga Puja Special Red and White Benarasi

Importance of Red & White Benarasi Saree

The colour white represents the purity and innocence of the heart or the soul and the colour red represent power and strength. Together, both these colour, symbolises ‘Ma Durga’. It is believed that since the origin of the Durga puja festival, women have been wearing white benarasi sarees with red borders to welcome and worship ‘Durga Ma’. This has been followed generation after generation which is why now it has become a trend or you can say that it is a unsaid tradition to wear a red and white benarasi saree at the time of Durga Puja which is why they are very much in demand during this period. It is common sight on the last day of Durga puja to see many women wearing the traditional red & white benarasi saree to take part in ‘Sindoor Khela’ which is a ritual of bidding goodbye to ‘Ma Durga’.

Durga Puja Special Red and White Benarasi

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