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Beautiful Cotton Saree Collection For All Seasons

India is the abode of cotton production. Cotton is a natural fabric which is obtained from a plant. The history between India and cotton goes a long way back. Cotton saree has been around for 5000 years or more. The origin of the sarees is not properly documented yet, but it is said that cotton saree is the very first saree to be in existence. They have been a crucial part of our culture and heritage and the main source of income for the textile industries for a very long period. Till now, cotton saree is the most easily available type of clothing for women.

Indian women, particularly Bengali women loves to wear cotton sarees. They are the heart and soul of the Indian wardrobe. A particular style of cotton saree called "Tant saree" is the pride of West Bengal as it is weaved locally and without it, the wardrobe of a Bengali women is incomplete. Other than Bengal’s ‘Tant’ sarees there are also more types of cotton sarees which are made in different states according to their cultures and traditions. Some of them are Sambalpuri, Bomkai and Vichitrapuri cotton sarees which are from the state of Orissa and characterized by multiple colors, traditional motifs inspired from nature. Then there are the cotton Chanderi sarees which comes from Madhya Pradesh. Hyderabad is well known for its antique cotton weaving techniques which produces the Venkatgiri cotton saree, a very fine cotton saree. Another famous type of cotton saree is Dhakai Jamdani which is popular not only in India but all over the world, but it mainly come from Bangladesh. Apart from these there are some locally produced cotton sarees in each states like Khadi cotton sarees, handloom cotton sarees, linen cotton sarees, Gadwal cotton sarees, etc.

If you are looking for a saree that can give you comfort in all weathers, specially in summer then you should think of cotton saree. The organic source of this fabric has made the sarees very soft and comfortable in nature. They are very lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for India’s hot climate. Even if the sarees are light and comfortable, they are elegant and comes in bright colors with amazing designs and patterns which gives you a crisp and neat look.

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Gadwal Cotton Saree (adi82183) Rs.1332.79
Dhakai Jamdani Saree (adi82226) Rs.1302.73
Dhakai Jamdani Saree (adi82242) Rs.1102.31
Ikkat Cotton Saree (adi81816) Rs.3226.76
Bomkai Cotton Saree (adi81901) Rs.6453.52
Khesh Cotton Saree (adi81633) Rs.1052.21