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Spectacular is the term that perfectly defines the sheer beauty of a traditional Bomkai silk saree. Emerging from the eastern coastal nooks, this Indian fabric adds a lot of panache to the traditional fashion field. From the big fat weddings of Bollywood celebrities to the gorgeous collections of the leading designer brands, Bomkai silk fabric has graced many Indian events and ceremonies across the globe, since its inception.

Bomkai Silk Saree From the Pages of History

India has been the rich land of heritage and culture and fashion has been an integral part of our celebration of art. Odisha, the heartland of handloom textile, is the cradle of the authentic Bomkai silk fabric. The name, Bomkai, arrived from the Bomkai village of the Ganjam district in Odisha. Currently, these sarees find their manufacturing units predominantly in the Southern coastal barriers and the Western district of Sonepur. Hence, the Bomkai silk sarees are also popular as Sonepuri silk sarees.

The history of Bomkai silk sarees dates back to 600 BC. The Bhulia weavers communities who used to produce this handloom fabric were based around the coastal belts of Odisha. They popularized the unique weaving techniques and the traditional modes and patterns of Bomkai silk sarees over the ages.

Features and Specialties

Among many other silk sarees available in the market, Bomkai silk sarees walk a different path in terms of weaving style and features. The Odia regional term, Bomkai means “Bandhakala”, i.e., a combination of both binding and needle art. An authentic Bomkai silk saree combines the age old tie and dye technique with the intricate embroidery thread work. The pallu of this saree is full of needle works and you could find a host of patterns and motifs that reflect upon the Odisha tradition and culture.

The Motifs and Patterns

Bomkai silk sarees stand out unique in terms of designs and colors. You can spot the influence of different local lifestyles and cultures of Odisha on an authentic Bomkai silk saree. The motifs and designs include Kanthi phul or the small floral patterns, Koincha or the tortoise patterns, Mayura or the peacock motifs, Chadhai or the bird patterns, Karela or the bitter gourd, Rui Maccha or the fish designs, Padma or the lotus motifs, Macchi or the fly patterns, etc. Apart from these designs, Bomkai silk sarees also feature a lot of tribal artworks across the borders, such as, Kumbha, Rudraksha, Panjia, etc.

The Colors and Contrasts

Another prominent feature of a traditional Bomkai silk saree lies in its color combination. These sarees are known for their bright and contrasting color tones. Basically, the color tones shift drastically from the body of the sarees to their pallu and borders. You’ll find combinations like a bright yellow body and dark maroon pallu, or a saffron colored Bomkai silk saree with shiny black pallu. The vibrance and brightness of these sarees add an extra bit of grace and elegance to the look.

Style A Bomkai Silk Saree

This is a kind of saree that you can wear on any occasion to make an everlasting impression. Starting from bridal fashion to the chic and sleek corporate look, a Bomkai silk saree allows all sorts of styling experiments. A Bomkai silk in white and golden Zari along with a decent yet gorgeous red pallu, makes the perfect morning drape for a would-be bride. On the other hand, you can totally rock a festive look with a traditional Bomkai silk saree paired with golden or brass jewelries.

A Bomkai silk saree speaks volumes of our native culture and art. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a saree like this. For an Indian woman who is proud of her ethnicity, must have a pure Bomkai silk saree as a priced possession in her wardrobe.

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