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Exclusive Pure Silk Sarees from AMMK to Keep You Cool in Summer

Summer, the toughest of all the seasons, calls for all things tender and gentle. The burning hours of daytime, the bursting sweat glands, the uncanny haze, and the afternoon breeze, summer arrives with all of it! Therefore, in a tropical country like ours, clothing fabrics have to act as an armor to beat the heat. When it comes to keeping cool in summer, a pure silk saree plays out like a practical solution for sure. The light weight fabric of this saree is absolutely summer appropriate and helps you deal with the temperature hike. However, choosing the right pure silk saree for summer can turn out to be tricky, especially, when you have a plethora of silk saree options available in the market.

Type of Pure Silk Saree

Well, there are several types of silk sarees emerged from different corners of India. Starting from Kanjivaram silk saree to Assam silk, from Benarasi silk saree to Manipuri silk, these sarees speak of our own culture, heritage, and traditions. But not all of them are summer appropriate. Silk sarees with heavy works are generally right for occasions and not for daily wear. So, you must be able to pick your silk saree that is breezy, soft, and light weight. A pure silk saree contains light weight silk material that is tender and skin friendly.

Temperature Regulation

The right kind of pure silk saree has temperature regulating features that allows it to absorb the scorching heat of summer. The breezy fabric is also able to absorb the sweat particles allowing the skin to breathe freely and help your body to combat the summer temperature. The yarns of pure silk sarees are known for their sheer and softness. However, the fabric never falls off your body and never feels heavy on you. Hence, you can easily wear a pure silk saree during summer, but it has to be the authentic one.

Quality of Fabric

Needless to say, there are plenty of fake pure silk fabrics available in the market. They look equally light weight and have the same sheer. But when you purchase and drape these sarees you feel the discomfort. These low-quality pure silk sarees can even cause skin rashes if you wear them during heavy summer. Because these sarees don’t have the hypoallergenic agents to save your skin from rashes. On the other hand, an authentic pure silk saree can never feel uncomfortable on a summer day. You should look for the high quality pure silk fabric that might be a little bit expensive but will help you stay airy and fresh during the sunny summer hours.

Choosing the right pure silk saree that would keep you cool in summer, needs precision, understanding of quality, and a whole round of research. If you are in search of the right one for you, then spare a moment and look at "Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal" online. Here, you can explore countless varieties in soft pure silk sarees in geometric prints or solid colours for both summer and winter season.