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Buy Matka Silk Sarees from AMMK that Continues to Dazzle

They say, saree is the celebration of womanhood. If that is a true statement then a silk saree is surely the most prominent element of this celebration. Indian women across the globe tend to embrace the six yards of sheer elegance with all their souls. And as long as elegance is concerned what better than the Matka silk sarees to justify the statement? A pure white Matka silk saree is a priced possession of any Indian woman no matter how trendy and modern she is in terms of style and fashion. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, being a premium house for traditional silk sarees in Kolkata, possesses a wide range of traditional Matka silk saree collections that are timeless and perfect for women of any age group.

Matka Silk Saree – A Tale of Elegance

Well, there is hardly any fabric that can match the grace of a Matka silk as it speaks of our own culture and heritage. Uniquely identified for its’ sheen and sheer, Matka silk comes from the silk waste of the premium quality mulberry yarns. These fibers are fine and smooth. The texture of an authentic Matka silk saree is a bit rough but the lustrous beauty of the saree is what makes it more attractive. The yarns come from the silkworm Bombyx mori and the spinning is done without removing its gum. Hence, comes the texture and the sheen. This handloom textile is soft and quite easy to carry. Matka silk is also a weaver’s delight as the fabric is high quality. Districts of West Bengal like Maldaha and Murshidabad produce quality Matka silk sarees when the silk fabrics are collected all the way from Karnataka and Kashmir.

Styling Tips

Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has a wide range of traditional Matka silk sarees. If you are a fascinator of traditional sarees, then check out different color options ranging from blackish maroon to navy blue, from combinations of white and yellow to pink and beige along with prominent silver, copper, or golden Zari works across the border and pallu. However, the secret to dazzle in a Matka silk saree lies in its draping and styling. The key to styling this fabric is to keep it subtle and avoid over-dressing.

Choose the Right Color

Every occasion is different. Your saree should enhance the flavor of the occasion rather than getting unnecessary over the top. Even though the choices of colors should be personal but it makes complete sense if you pick your Matka silk saree in the right color based on the occasion. A white Matka silk with golden booti all over it can create a perfect festive morning look. On the other hand, if you are heading for your friend’s Mehendi ceremony, you can completely steal the show with a bright pink and blue combination. Today’s fashion tends to welcome subdued and nude shades more often than not. Beige, peach, light yellow, ivory, there are several shades and color varieties to look for when it comes to choosing a Matka silk saree.

Pick the Right Jewelry

Certainly, if you drape a quality Matka silk saree, half the job is already done. However, one cannot deny the importance of wearing the right jewelry to accentuate a saree look. Now, when we talk about jewelry designs for Matka silk, simplicity and subtleness are the key factors to keep in mind. A very prominent yet off-beat way to style a graceful Matka silk saree is to pair it up with diamond jewelries. Tiny diamond studs and a beautiful diamond pendent are enough to enhance the elegance of your look multiple times. If you want to dress up in budget, then a statement choker necklace along with little pairs of matching studs can be perfect.

Matka silk sarees from Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal are extremely beautiful and perfect to enhance the elegance quotient of any occasion. Indian women with a fascination for ethnic Indian fabrics must own one of more Matka silk sarees in their wardrobe for they are versatile and can be styled in endless ways.

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